10th Annual Screenwriting Competition Winners

WIFVNE is pleased to announce the 10th Annual Screenwriting competition winners.  We received more than 50 scripts from writers around the world.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a screenplay and to our dedicated readers, sponsors and volunteers, for making the 10th Annual competition a success.

  • Grand Prize: Pigeon by Tracy King-Sanchez
Tracy M. King-Sanchez wrote, produced, directed and edited the short film, Artistic Closure, which premiered at the Stony Brook Film Festival and was screened at the Big Apple and Great Lakes Independent Film Festivals. Her screenplays have placed in contests, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. Her one-act play, Lifted was published in The Southampton Review.  She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Stony Brook Southampton in May 2012.


Screenwriting Competition Judge Cheryl Eagan-Donovan commented, “This year’s finalists included three great roles for women on screen.  The Grand Prize Winner, Pigeon, features a strong protagonist who overcomes a series of increasingly difficult challenges, and in the process, is transformed into a confident, courageous and compassionate individual.  The characters are recognizable but never cliches; each has a mix of admirable traits and realistic flaws.  The dialogue is well crafted and the story moves forward quickly and deftly.  The writer has mastered both form and format, taking the reader on a journey into a world where success is not as simple as just getting a college degree.  The heroine returns home to learn the meaning of family, friendship, love and responsibility.  This is a screenplay that is flawless in execution and ready to cast and shoot.”


  • First Prize: Fall From Grace by Jodi Davis
Jodi Davis has worked in Public & Media Relations for Southern California firms launching products like United Express for United Airlines (It’s like United but cuter and expressier!), The California Y construction project for CalTrans(The next five years of commuting hell is actually going to be fun!), and Avocados for the California Avocado Commission (You know them, you love them, we couldn’t come up with anything as good as dancing raisins, but raisins suck in Guacamole—so take that!).
As a hobby she likes to help interesting non-profit start-ups with their IT and business development needs. This has led her to work with quite a few interesting companies, including LiftPort (The Space Elevator Company), which is the one that stole her heart.
She also wrote, produced and directed the short film Lost Plural and produced the comic SF short films The Big Nothing (Cinequest Viewer’s Voice Choice), and COGS through her Desert Tribe Productions(www.deserttribeprodco.com), written a TV Pilot, Near Death for Mallory Media and optioned several scripts to independent production companies.
For the past sixteen years Jodi has worked with a computer firm that specializes in tradeshows, which allows her to travel all over the country. She is able to use her position to do a lot of research (computer geeks from NASA love apple martinis—who knew?!), and prides herself on hanging her dramatic premises on a framework of historical reality and factual reference. This rigid backbone only enhances the whimsical, fantastical or futuristic elements that are the signature of her body of work.


Second Prize: Darby Petty and the Lost Treasure of the Iverni 
by Douglas Sayre
 and Bill Zahner

Darby Petty illustration by Anne Jewett

DC Sayre is a veteran migratory film worker currently laboring on the YA novel turned movie, Beautiful Creatures.  Sayre started his career in the camera department in the 70’s then moved into animation and visual effects field in the 80’s at the entrance of the CG and has been there ever since.  Sayre has made national commercials and animated on features like Nutty ProfessorBlade,  and Speed Racer; but his proudest achievement to date is the creation of Darby Petty and the Lost Treasure of the Iverni.
Bill Zahner is a former Baltimore / Washington, D.C. radio announcer and TV writer-producer. His credits include a produced two-act play, radio skits, magazine articles, and award-winning commercials and corporate training videos.  As staff writer / producer for public television’s MotorWeek, he wrote more than 100 weekly segments and one anniversary special.  Darby Petty and the Lost Treasure of the Iverni is Bill’s first screenplay, co-written with Doug Sayre.  Bill Zahner works full time for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Washington, D.C.  He still does the occasional voice over.
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