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"First impressions matter, and we have to present our professional selves in a way that interests other people," says WIFVNE President Sharon Contillo. 

WIFVNE is often asked by our membership these three questions: 
  • How to fundraise for films and passion projects?
  • How to market those projects once completed?
  • How do I promote myself?

The WIFT Marketing Circle was designed to assist in answering those questions.

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In July of 2021, WIFVNE hosted the WIFT-US event: Fundraising Beyond the Crowdfunding.

More than eighty people attended--and a large percentage requested more time and to work with Christine Merser, Managing Partner of Blue Shoe Strategy. As a result, Blue Shoe and WIFVNE put together the WIFT Marketing Circle.  This program was led by Christine, whose unusual, action-driven suggestions blew up the discussion during the panel.

Marketing often takes the backseat in the creative process, and WIFVNE and Blue Shoe were invested in helping WIFVNE members to put marketing up front to support your stories and projects. Sessions covered topics from fundraising to engagement on social media, pitch decks and presentations, and more. Christine also offered weekly drop-in sessions to answer individual questions and offer advice.  

In March of 2023, we evaluated the program and came to the conclusion that we can’t sustain a full program without charging for it, and we recognize that many WIFVNE members don’t have the additional resources to participate in that capacity.

So, we are moving to a different format. The team at Blue Shoe, led by Christine Merser, who many of you know from having attended her workshops and events, will continue to do a monthly session around things you are interested in having her address. And, from time to time, we will offer a program you can pay to attend, such as a workshop around building your website.

We hope that the WIFT Marketing Circle added value to your journey and provided inspiration and content you can use to build your brand and your future within the amazing film industry.

In order to make sure you get the most out of what was presented and will continue to present, the paywall has been removed from all of the content on Substack. Visit the robust video library on Blue2 Media’s YouTube channel.

WIFVNE welcomes ideas for topics for future events. 

"The new world of social media allows a level playing field, if you know how to navigate it. Your pie-in-the-sky dreams are now a possibility if you have a plan."

-Christine Merser, Managing Partner, Blue2 Media

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