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Women in Film (WIF) in Los Angeles has granted WIFVNE with access to their Help Line, an invaluable resource for our community. This is a service solely provided by Women in Film, Los Angeles, CA. Any referrals to legal or counseling services is only supported for the states of California, Georgia and New York. There are no legal or counseling referrals for any of the New England states (ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT). However, anyone accessing this service through WIFVNE is welcome to call the Help Line for support from one of WIF’s Help Line Advocates.

Learn more about Women in Film and the Help Line by clicking the logo

What is the Help Line?

The Help Line offers support to anyone who has experienced harassment, abuse, or discrimination while working in the entertainment industry, whether it was of a sexual nature or on the basis of legally protected categories such as race, gender identity, sexual identity, disability status and others. The WIF trauma-informed staff take calls from across the country. Referral services are currently served in California, New York and Georgia.  Please review the Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Access the Help Line?

Access to the Help Line is simple and confidential. From the WIF HomePage, click on the HELP LINE button. The phone number to call is (855) 943-5463, to connect to a Help Line Advocate. The service is available Mon – Fri, 9am – 4:30pm PST.

Why This Matters

Our industry thrives on creativity, collaboration, and diverse perspectives. However, challenges related to discrimination and harassment can hinder our progress and well-being. This service is a step towards ensuring everyone in our community has a safe space to seek help and advice. Your safety, well-being, and career development are our top priorities.

Your Role and Our Collective Effort

We encourage all our members to utilize this service whenever necessary. Your voice is important, and your experiences matter. Together, let's continue to foster an environment of respect, safety, and equality in the film and media industry.

For harassment, misconduct, and discrimination in the entertainment Industry, WIFVNE members can contact the WIF Help Line.  Please review their entire list of Frequently Asked Questions; an excerpt is below.  

I’m not a woman. Can I call the Help Line?
The Help Line actively supports people of all genders including trans people, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and cis folks.

Are the Help Line’s resources free?
Speaking with a Help Line Advocate is always free; however, you may be provided with resources or referrals outside of WIF which may carry their own fees. While the Advocates will do their best to explain known associated costs for external resources, please keep in mind that they may not always know the exact costs due to differences in insurance plans and providers across the various states.

Is the Help Line confidential?

Yes, all calls are kept confidential among the WIF Help Line staff and within the WIF system. You don’t need to share detailed information in order to receive referrals. The purpose of the Help Line is to provide resources and referrals (if within California, Georgia or New York); therefore, limited information is kept on record. There are a few rare exceptions to confidentiality, which includes if WIF receives a subpoena or are otherwise required by law to share any information, such as if you or anyone else is in any immediate physical danger, or you tell the Advocate that a minor, elder, or dependent adult has been harmed. In these cases, WIF may need to notify appropriate authorities.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number

In Massachusetts, click here to learn more about what activities are considered sexual harassment in the workplace and how your rights are protected by the MCAD.

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